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January 22, 2017 PVSSC Meeting

The first PVSSC meeting of the New Year was a bit of a change. It was held in the afternoon, something that had been requested by members because of winter weather. We had to move the date to a Sunday because of anticipated local travel gridlock around the Inauguration on Friday and Women’s March on Saturday. Nevertheless we had a good turnout to hear Jill Mitchell’s talk on Getting Started in K9 Nosework. Our great hosts were Kathy McEnearney and Gary Rees. We also honored member Candace Craig for her tireless work on behalf of the club, especially for last year’s Barn Hunt Trial and her many photographic records of our PVSSC events.


February 25th PVSSC Meeting

The February General Meeting highlighted a fascinating and “eye-opening” presentation on animal nutrition by Dr. Michael Watts. Important points made include: “Ingredients in a food are not the same as nutrients”, that many so-called premium foods actually contain ingredients of little or no use to dogs, and that he strongly prefers food companies that manufacture in USA and that conduct double-blind feeding trials to test their product. Mire information can be found on Dr. Watts’ website at www.Clevengerscorner.com.

March 25th PVSSC Meeting

The March PVSSC meeting had a theme – “Hey – My Dog Can Do THAT!” – and was a very entertaining exploration of some of the AKC tests and activities, including the very new Trick Dog title. Rose Miller showed slides and video of dogs (admittedly, they were not schnauzers..) completing these tests and also, how to train for some of the simpler tricks. Rose’s presentation is on the PVSSC web site so any that missed the meeting can get ready for the June Picnic.

April 22nd PVSSC ODKC Supported Entry

There was an excellent entry of 34 SS for Judge David Bolus at the April 22 Old Dominion Kennel Club show in Timonium, MD. PVSSC designates this event as a Club Supported Entry each year, and a General Meeting is also held at the show grounds. Results of the judging are as follows:

WINNERS DOG, BEST OF WINNERS: ERNHART CATCH A FIRE. Owner: Chuck Gault & Shawne Imler. Breeder: Shawne Imler.

RESERVE WD: MOHNER’S WOODSTOCK Owner: Sabine Baker & Michelle Bell & Pat White. Breeder: Helle Chrysidis & Stavros Chrysidis.

WINNERS BITCH: OAKWOOD WHITE RAVEN Owner: Chris Linker & Linda McConnell Breeder: Linda McConnell.

RESERVE WB: ASGARD YOU’RE SO VAIN Owner: Joy Pohl & Frances Tomlinson Breeder: Georgia Sabean & Jean Gillen.

BEST OF BREED: CH BLACKHAWK WHERE’S WALDO Owner: Douglas Welsh Breeder: Rhonda & Paul Davis.

BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX: CH SHALIMAR’S SAVANNAH V CARRILLON Owners: Winona Lomando. Breeder: Nonie Lomando.

SELECT BITCH, BEST OWNER-HANDLED, OH GROUP 2: CH. SONDERGEIST UNDER THE STARS VON ROTH Owner: Joy Roth & Valerie Yantz & Michelle & Paul Root. Breeder: Joy Roth & Valerie Yantz & Michelle & Paul Root.

SELECT DOG: GCH CRIVITZ PAPARAZZI Owner and Breeder: Amy Shaffer.

May 6th Annual Awards Dinner

The PVSSC held its Awards Dinner and Annual Meeting at Alfio’s on May 6, with about 40 members from near and far. We all enjoyed watching the running of the Kentucky Derby in the bar before adjourning to our private room for dinner, the election of new officers and – most importantly – our 2016 Annual Awards.

For list of awards, see bottom of 2016 Club News Page : http://www.pvssc.org/2016-club-news/.

Photos courtesy Marianna Herpel.

June 18th PVSSC Summer Picnic: My Dog Did THAT!

Melissa Jennings: The 2017 PVSSC annual Picnic is in the books! We had an enthusiastic turnout from the membership and a number of people put CGCs, Trick Dog and TDIs on their dogs.

I would like to thank Rose Miller for administering the Trick Dog and TDI tests; Lovely Lyons and my husband Jay for cooking the hot dogs and hamburgers, Judy Boxer for
organizing the raffle, Pat White for bringing a tub that the dogs used to cool themselves off, and all the members who were kind enough to bring side dishes to the picnic.

The picnic pavilion in Veterans Park was nice and large enough to accommodate our members comfortably and provided shaded spots for schnauzers and testing. I look forward to seeing everyone at the next event, the Match.

Rosemary Miller:  We had wonderful weather and a good turnout for the PVSSC Spring Picnic. The day started out with Therapy Dog International testing – the dog/handler teams were wonderfully trained and our members who participated universally passed. There are now 12 more therapy dogs available for service! The tests were open to all breeds and we had everything from Newfoundlands to Poodles – and of course, plenty of schnauzers!

Melissa Jennings was our STAR puppy evaluator and Canine Good Citizen Evaluator – and we had two new STAR puppies and five new Canine Good Citizens. For the first time we offered Canine Good Citizen Advanced – and we had four new CGCAs! And last we had AKC Trick Dog testing – and our schnauzers were strutting their stuff! There were 4 Trick Novice dogs and two more Trick Intermediate dogs who were successful.

There were PVSSC members participating in every event and every single one was successful!

Successful Dog/Handler Teams

Therapy Dog International

Gail Pfeiffer and Millie
Ila Schmeling and Eme
Sue Anne Howell and Halley
Pat White and Cagney
Linda Dobbie and Jemma

Canine Good Citizen

Sally Marsh and Schweitzer
Gail Pfeiffer and Millie
Claudia Taubman with Gracie
Abby Holden with Sophie
Pat White with Jax

Canine Good Citizen Advanced

Nicole Miller and Remy
Linda Dobbie and Jemma

AKC Trick Dog (Novice)

Pat White with Jax
Walter Borek with Gracie
Abby Holden with Sophie
Adrienne Schiflett with Lushomo

AKC Trick Dog (Intermediate)

Adrienne Schiflett with Lushomo

AKC Star Puppy

Abby Holden with Sophie

The following photos were provide courtesy of Diane Tokarcik:

July 1st Supported Entry and Meeting at Southern MD KC, Richmond, VA

Judge was Dana Cline. Best of Breed was CH Celtic Cross Monkey Business and Best of Opposite was CH Am. Made’s Wayward Queen at Steinwald. Pictures by Marianna Herpel.

August 27 PVSSC B/OB Sanctioned Match

See PVSSC Sanctioned Match 2017.

PVSSC Specialty Week Results

See Specialty Week Results for details of winners or see http://www.infodog.com.

Photos below are courtesy of Lauren Keltos.

Photos by Marianna Herpel:

Saturday, November 12th Lure Coursing

The Annual PVSSC Lure-coursing Fun Day was held November 18 at Liberty Hill Pet Resort in Bealton, Virginia. We had a good turnout of members and dogs. The day was brisk and breezy, but all the dogs and people had a good time. Some dogs ran, some didn’t, but it was great to see all those Schnauzers having fun!

Thanks are especially due to:

Pat White, who made the up-front event arrangements and kept things running on the day, despite having just arrived back from the World Dog Show (amazingly un-jet-lagged!), Melissa Jennings for planning the hot lunch, and she and Rose Miller for cooking the delicious soup and chili, as well as members who contributed sides, desserts, coolers and tables, Gail Pfeiffer and Judy Boxer for bravely manning the registration desk in the cold wind, Karen Peak for stewarding, and her daughter Sarah for her hand’s-on help to Ching-Yao on the course, Marianna Herpel for dealing with the finances, Lovey Lyons for her help with parking, announcements and getting folks to the start line, Candace Craig for taking photos, all those who contributed items to the raffle, and Barry Cooper for selling tickets, alll those who helped unload and lug crates, tables, generator, and other items, all the members who helped hold, walk, and run dogs for others, who cheered and laughed and congratulated.

Thanks also to course-master Ching-Yao Yu, for making it fun – as he said, we have some potential coursing stars!

We were very happy to see some of our newer members there and hope they had a good time and will attend other PVSSC events in the future…

For great pictures of the lure-coursing fun day held on Saturday, November 12th, see Candace Craig’s website at  http://www.amvphotos.com/clients/pvssc_lure_course_nov_2017.

Saturday, December 10th, the Holiday Party

On Saturday December 10, the PVSSC held its annual Holiday Party at Alfio’s in Chevy Chase, MD. While the turnout was smaller than usual, with some folks (including your Editor) out of town, it did not diminish the festive holiday atmosphere. Door prizes were awarded during lunch with almost everybody in attendance having a winning number drawn. Following a brief meeting, we started the gift exchange. Two light-up Schnauzer lawn ornaments got the most action, stolen back and forth until they were “retired.” Special thanks to Melissa Jennings, for organizing the Party! Thanks also to Rose Miller for once again serving as “Santa,” to Ed Sakala for his photos, and to all who contributed door prizes and participated in the exchange.

Here are some of photos that appeared in the Wiretap: 2017 Holiday Party.

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