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June 18 Annual Meeting & Awards Picnic

On Saturday, June 18, we gathered in the lovely Lakeside Pavilion at Northern Fauquier County Park, in Marshall, VA for our second Annual Awards picnic. Here is the article from the WireTap about this picnic:

Here is the list for the various Dog of the Year awards:

Here is the Annual Awards program:

August 11 PVSSC Dock-Diving Fun Day

Gail Mackiernan wrote the following article about a very fun day for humans and their furry swimming companions:

Here are more pictures from Gail’s article:

September 11 PVSSC B/OB Match

Here is an article about our B/OB match which was finally held after a 2-year absence due to Covoid:

November 5-6 PVSSC Supported Entry and Specialty

Here is a list of winners from the Supported Entry and Specialty as well as some photos:

November 5-6 PVSSC Fast CAT trials

Here’s the top fastest SS at the PVSSC Fast Cat trials held November 5-6:

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