Annual Awards

Potomac Valley Standard Schnauzer Club


The Potomac Valley Standard Schnauzer Club is pleased to offer an award plaque for each new championship, grand championship (at the various levels), obedience, rally obedience, tracking, agility, lure coursing, flyball or herding title earned by its members’ dogs during the 2022 calendar year. Versatility award(s) (multiple titles which can be gained over multiple years) are also offered.¬† Below are the forms for which the PVSSC will offer an award plaque. The forms can be filled out online and printed or just printed out and filled in by hand.

Here are the rules (and explanations) for eligibility and how to calculate points for individual awards: Awards Rules and Explanations. Note that for 2022 awards ONLY, the PVSSC Board voted to waive one of the two required meetings because we had so few meetings last year. So if you want to apply for an award and could only attend one meeting last year, go ahead and apply!

To be eligible for an award, the dog must be owned by a PVSSC member in good standing (dues are paid on time) who has attended at least 1 PVSSC meeting or event (for the year 2022 only) during the awards calendar year. Co-owned dogs must have resided the majority of the awards calendar year (that is, 51%) with the PVSSC member submitting the request for the award.

Please send completed and signed application forms by USPS mail (postmarked no later than February 1) to the appropriate person listed below (addresses in rules document):

  • Conformation awards: Nicole Miller
  • Performance awards: Melissa Dimeler

You may also email signed applications to

Forms MUST BE submitted by February 1, 2023.

Awards results will not be released prior to the Awards Banquet. Any questions about eligibility, the process, how to count points, etc., should be referred to the Awards Committee prior to the deadline.

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