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Potomac Valley Standard Schnauzer Club

The PVSSC is the American Kennel Club (AKC) recognized Standard Schnauzer Club for the Washington D.C. Area. The PVSSC formed in 1962 to serve as a regional specialty club for the promotion of the Standard Schnauzer for the Washington Metropolitan area (Northern Virginia and the Maryland suburbs as well as Washington DC).

Each year, the PVSSC sponsors an AKC sanctioned match and a regional specialty, tattoo clinics, herding tests, lure-coursing, obedience run-throughs and a number of social events, as well as interesting programs at club meetings. Additionally, the PVSSC holds activities to introduce the Standard Schnauzer to the public, places homeless SS in new homes, provides breed information and puppy referrals. We have a newsletter, the Wiretap, which contains timely information, article and club notices, and an on-line store selling schnauzer related items.

For specific information about our club’s rules, see: PVSSC Standing Rules Revised February 23, 2019.

Want to become a member? Send a completed PVSSC member form (updated 2014) w 2019 code of ethics with a check made out to “PVSSC” to the Membership Chair: Karen Ioffredo, 7806 Falstaff Rd., McLean, VA 22102. Annual dues are $30 per person or $45 per family for per year (March 1 though February 28/29). Dues for applications after July 1 are $15.00 per person and $22.50 per family.

Applications require the recommendation of at least one existing PVSSC Member.

Important Email Addresses

President: president@pvssc.org

Vice President: vp@pvssc.org

Secretary: secretary@pvssc.org

Treasurer: treasurer@pvssc.org

Membership: membershipinfo@pvssc.org

Rescue (MD and VA): rescue@pvssc.org

Lost Dog (MD and VA): lostdog@pvssc.org

Puppy and Breeder Referral: breederreferral@pvssc.org

Wiretap Editor: wiretap@pvssc.org

Website Manager: webmanager@pvssc.org

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