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January Meeting

The January meeting was cancelled due to bad weather.

February 23rd Meeting

Members gathered at the home of Karen and Michael Ioffredo to hear an excellent presentation by Karen Peak of West Winds Dog Training on some of her more interesting experiences. Karen, who is also founder of the Safe Kids, Safe Dogs program gave advice on interpreting dog body language, avoiding child-dog conflicts and techniques to deal with behavior issues.

March 23rd Meeting

A meeting was held at the home of Nicole, Elaine and Robert Miller. We said Adieu to our dear friend and long-time club member Lynette Anderson, who is moving from the area AND we celebrated Erich Rutschiedt’s 93rd birthday with cake and song. Jill Mitchell and Ray Myers gave a presentation on AKC Scentwork for Linda Dobbie who was unable to attend. They explained the background of AKC and other scentwork programs, similarities and differences, and how to start training your dog. They emphasized that the dog knows more than the person at the end of the leash, so one of the big hurdles is learning to trust your dog. Videos were shown of SS working, and how a dog might indicate a “find.” PVSSC will be holding a Scentwork fun test in July, so stay tuned. Pictures of the meeting are below:

April 2-7 SSCA National Specialty

The Standard Schnauzer Club of America’s National Specialty was held at Purina Farms near St. Louis, Missouri. There were many PVSSC National Specialty stars.

May 10 Annual Awards dinner

The Annual Awards Dinner was held on May 10th at Alfio’s in Chevy Chase, Maryland to honor the 2018 Annual Award Winners. Here’s the cover of the program:
Some of the pictures from the event:

PVSSC 50th Anniversary Specialty!

Our Golden Anniversary Specialty at last is in the history books! Held on Sunday, June 23, the indoor location at the Richmond Raceway Complex ensured that this year, we would not be foiled by rain, mud or whatever foul weather was thrown at us. There was an excellent entry in Sweepstakes and Veteran Sweepstakes for Bob Busby, and in the Regular Classes for John Wade. The show was part of a four-day cluster, with good entries all days. For a report of the winners, see: 2019 PVSSC 50th Anniversary Specialty report. Full results can be found on the MBF Dog Shows web site at http://www.infodog.com.

PVSSC Picnic

The PVSSC picnic was held July 27th at Pat and Randy Sutton’s Blue Ridge K-9 Training facility in Fairfield, PA. Linda Dobbie, who organized the event wrote in the WireTap: Candids from Farm Dog Trial and waiting for scent work:

PVSSC B/OB Sanctioned Match

Our Sanctioned Match was help on August 25, 2019 with these results: Candid photos:

Oct 11-13 Battle of the Beards

In October, we held a barn hunt, “The Battle of the Beards” run by Trial Secretary Michelle Bell. For more information about this event, see the WIRETAP Barn Hunt report: Download
And here are photos from Lisa Klepp (http://www.lisareneevisions.com):

November 2-3 PVSSC AKC FastCat Trials

The second PVSSC all-breed FastCAT Trials went off without a hitch on November 2-3 in Gambill, Maryland. Joy Becker was the Trial Chair. The weather was brisk – okay, it was cold – but sunny and just the thing to get the doggy juices flowing. Our new site may not have all the amenities of the old one, but it had indoor toilets, covered pavilions, nice running turf and a local food truck with hot soup and sandwiches. Once again Trial Master Ching-yu Yao made sure everything went smoothly, helped by a host of PVSSC members. This was an all-breed trial, and we had participants from the teeny to the large and everything in between. We held four trials, two each day, and in total had – qualifying runs. There were 18 schnauzers entered, Most of them seemed to have a great time chasing that plastic bunny (er, bag) down the course! Pictures from Gail Mackiernan are below: Pictures from Lisa Klepp (http://www.lisareneevisions.com) are below:
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