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Congratulations to the PVSSC Annual Award Winners for 2008

All the 2008 Award recipients will be honored at the May 2 Awards Dinner at Alfio’s, Chevy Chase, MD.

PVSSC Dog of the Year:

Champion Hartgersotten’s Mystic Fire n’ Ice
Owner, Carol Filer

PVSSC Dog of the Year Opposite Sex

Champion Vogue’s Masterpiece CGC
Owner, Brenda Kibler

Stud Dog
CH. Ch Centara Under Fire, Carol Filer
Obedience Dog of the Year:
Ch Shana’s Blonde Bombshell CDX (Seiffert & Shank)
Brood Bitch (3 way tie)
Ch Asgard Oriana Zezanna (Georgia Sabean & Jean Gillen)
Brood Bitch (3 way tie)
Ch Katahdin Sea Anemone CD (Rosemary Miller)
Brood Bitch (3 way tie)
Ch Geistvoll Zippity Do-Dah (Dana Chronister)

New 2008 AKC Titles were Awarded as Follows:

Versatility Award Winner – 1st Award Year

Ch Katahdin Sea Anemone CD PT RE CGC TDI (Rosemary Miller)


Ch Bardhills Gidget (Cooney) Ch Halcyon’s Perelandra (Shriner & White)
Ch Bardwoods Ext Pandora (Cooney) Ch Halcyon’s Prospero (Shriner & White)
Ch Celtic Cross Leprechaun Outlaw Sheridan Mahon CGC (Fuller) Ch Halcyon’s Raggedy Ann (White)
Ch Celtic Cross Paddy Whacked (Miller) Ch Sketchbook Smarty Jones (White & Hansen)
Ch Centara Ariel Acacia Von Roth. CGC (Roth & Yantz) Ch Stahlkrieger’s Proud Spirit CGC (Gault)
Ch Centara Calypso Clipper (Wood & Dobbie) Ch Windsong Summer Caper (Kingery)
Ch Cetah the Beat Goes On (Chronister) Ch Von Roth’s Jasmine (Roth & Yantz)
Ch Halcyon’s Don Quixote II (Davison) Ch Von Roth’s Isis (Roth & Yantz)

Obedience and Performance Titles:

Obedience Titles:
Ch Katahdin Sea Anemone CD (Miller)
Ch Bardwood Black Diamond Dixie CD (Sakala)
Ch Shana’s Blonde Bombshell CDX (Seiffert & Shank)
Rally-O Titles:
Ch Hidden Creek’s Maximum Potential RN (Jones)
Ch Katahdin Sea Wolf RN (Miller)
Ch Shuhaus Lady Orla V. Truwick RN (Shue)
Ch Katahdin Sea Anemone RN RA RE (Miller)

Odds and Ends from the Home page

August 2008 Match

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

This is a heartfelt thank you for helping to make the 2008 Match a big success. It could not have been without your help. Katie Emanuel (our confirmation judge) commented that we “sure know how to have a good time” and asked that she be invited back to judge again. The obedience judge would also like to judge our dogs again.

Again, thanks for the team effort in making the Match a success for our club and members. I would like to give a special thank you to all the volunteers that made the 2008 Match successful: Barry Cooper, Jay and Melissa Jennings, Brenda Kibler, Karen Ioffredo, Michelle Root, Gail Mackiernan, Ed Sakala, Nancy Shriner, Cindy Millard, Chuck Gault, Rose Miller as well as all our participants, in particular our canine friends. It’s all about them!!

~ Judy

Match Results ~ Conformation (24 competing + 13 in Parade of Titlists)
BEST PUPPY IN MATCH: Halycon’s Samuel Adams
BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX PUPPY: Bardhill’s All That Jazz
BEST OPPOSITE IN MATCH: Halcyon’s Perelandra
Puppy 3-6 Months
Dogs Bitches
1st: Pepper von der Sak Celmar owned by Celmar
2nd: Von Der Sak Black Beau owned by Sakala
3rd: Quasar All for One owned by Root
1st: Quasar Abracadabra owned by Root
2nd: Quasar A La Mode owned by Root
3rd: Quasar Arabella owned by Root
Puppy 6-9 months
Dogs Bitches
1st/BP: Halcyon’s Samuel Adams owned by White
2nd: Celtic Cross Paddy Whacked owned by Miller
3rd: Asgard Silver Patron owned by Sabean/Gillen
1st/BOP: Bardhills All That Jazz owned by Cooney
2nd: Celtic Cross Scarlett O’Hara owned by Jennings
3rd: Asgard Sophie Mutter owned by Pohl/Tomlinson
Juniors 12-18 months
Dogs Bitches
1st/BA/BM: Sketchbook’s Smarty Jones owned by Hanson (c/o White)
2nd: Asgard Rhinestone Cowboy owned by Robbins
3rd: Huzar 2 Czartowego Pola owned by Nowak
4th: Windsong Time Traveler owned by Hauser/Swiatocha
1st: Asgards Ruby Red Dress owned by Frey
2nd: Witzig Alabaster Charm owned by Millard
Dogs Bitches
No Entries 1st/BOM: Halcyon Perelandra owned by Shriner/White
2nd Centara Beach Bauble owned by Palya
3rd: Celtic Cross Katahdin Coracle owned by Mackiernan/Cooper
4th: Bardhill’s Gidget owned by Cooney
1st (Best Junior) Lydia Frey Asgard Ruby Red Dress
2nd Stephen Fuller Ch. Celtic Cross Leprechan Outlaw Sheridan Mahon
3rd Charlotte Broadhurst Halcyons Perelandra
Pre-Novice (non regular class)
1st Ch. Katahdin Sea Wolf owned by Miller
2nd Asgard Omega Zezanna owned by Tomlinson/Pohl
3rd Genstar’s Gary’s Von Brown owned by Jennings
Novice: (2) Exhibition Only: Ch. Katahdin Victory at Sea (score 188) owned by Rutscheidt
Open/(2): none qualified
Utility Exhibition Only: Shana’s Quiet Spirit PT,RU,UD (score192.5) owned by Seiffert

Best in Match / Best Adult
Sketchbook’s Smarty Jones

Best Opposite Puppy in Match
Bardhill’s All That Jazz

Best of Opposite Match, Halcyon Perelandra
owned by Shriner/White

Thank you,
“Judge” Judy!

Best Junior Handler
Lydia Frey, Asgard Ruby Red Dress

Pre-Novice Class
A cadre of PVSSC’ers journeyed to the World Dog Show in Stockholm Sweden in early July. Georgia Sabean, Jean Gillen, Joy Roth, Val Yantz, Bob and Linda Dobbie and Gail Mackiernan were all guests of Boel Niklasson (Argenta SS) and her family. They were joined there by Gayle and Kayce Stillwell, former PVSSC members, from Florida. Pat White also attended, staying with her friend Pia Anderson (Scarlight SS). Four dogs also came along to compete.

The World Dog Show is one of the largest canine competitions each year, the 2008 entry was 23,000 dogs judged over four days, in conformation, obedience, agility and freestyle. SS were judged on July 3. There were actually three shows, July 2 was the Swedish Pinscher-Schnauzer Club show and July 4 the Swedish Standard Schnauzer Club Specialty. All had large entries of SS in both colors (which are judged separately). The Specialty Circuit shows were held outside at a polo grounds and the WDS in the huge Stockholm Exhibition Hall.

Member’s dogs did very well indeed! We will have a full report (with photos) next month, but a brief summary is warrented as this is HOT NEWS!

Ch. Asgard Oriana Zezanna (Sabean & Gillen) was first in Open, best non-Champion bitch and received the CAC certificate for her Swedish Championship.

Halcyon’s Raggedy Ann (White) was Junior World Winner Bitch 2008

Halcyon’s Raggedy Ann (White) was Best Junior in Show (both colors).

These dogs plus Linda Dobbie’s Centara Double Dare and Joy Roth and Val Yantz’s Ch. Von Roth’s Jump’n Jack Flash received “Excellent” ratings in tough competition.

Click on any of the images below to see larger size.

Pat White &
Halcyon’s Raggedy Ann

Georgia and Anna
in ring at Specialty Show (Friday)

Joy Roth and Jack
in ring, also on Friday

Georgia and Anna
receiving CAC award

Best Junior Handler
Linda Dobbie and Deacon in the ring Friday

Pat & Annie receiving
Best Junior in Specialty on Friday

Rescue Committee – A message from Drake’s new Family

In November I started looking around on the internet for a Standard Schnauzer that could be a playmate for my 4 year old Standard Schnauzer Zee. Much to my surprise I found an article on the Potomac Valley Standard Schnauzer Club web site that a SS had been rescued from a puppy mill and needed a home. On the web site was a picture of Drake and a description. Drake seemed to be the perfect playmate for Zee so I contacted Pat and Pete White and I was delighted to hear that Drake was still available for adoption.

Pat and Pete had made considerable progress with Drake, but when I got him he still had many trust issues. These issues are slowly melting away. For example, when we first got him home he would not allow us to touch him in any way. In order to put a leash on him we sometimes had to resort to cornering him, but now Drake will come when called and most of the time allows you to clip his leash on. Drake enjoys going on walks and surprisingly walks very nicely on a leash.

I know that Drake has accepted me…. he follows me everywhere and allows me to pet him (90% of the time). This weekend he made amazing progress.

I had been working on training him to sit and much to my surprise he did his first unassisted sit, I was thrilled and I gave him many treats to celebrate the occasion. You could see on his face how very proud he was of this accomplishment. (See photo)

From the beginning Drake has been a wonderful playmate for Zee. Drake and Zee will run after each other in the backyard and it is a sight to behold. (See photo) They have invented many tagging games; one I have named King of the Deck – aren’t those Standard Schnauzers clever!! He also plays very nicely with my miniature schnauzer and another miniature schnauzer that I am currently fostering. They wrestle around on the rug and although Drake is twice the size of the miniature schnauzers you can tell that he is putting out tremendous effort to be gentle.

Drake is a smart, playful and sometimes mischievous boy and we are all enjoying watching him bloom into a really fine dog. We would like to thank everyone involved in his rescue and allowing us to bring him into our family.

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