Lost Dog

Potomac Valley Standard Schnauzer Club

You can improve your luck if you have your dog tattooed and/or micro chipped and if you call for help. If your dog gets lost, call your breeder, an officer of your breed club or a member of the rescue committee of your breed club. Breed club rescue committees should be experienced at finding lost dogs and the club members, once notified, should come to your aid.

Things to do to help get your dog back:

  1. Call your breeder or email the PVSSC Lost Dog committee at lostdog@pvssc.org.
  2. Send family members out to look for the dog armed with food, lead, collar, and another family dog if available. Most lost dogs are found within a couple of hours close to home. If not found, posting lost dog flyers becomes very important.
  3. Make copies of the lost dog flyer. Download the flyers here: lost dog flyer , lost dog flyer 2
  4. Look first in areas your dog has visited previously on walks or areas he is known to visit if this is not his first escape.
  5. Check areas where other dogs live.
  6. Someone should stay by the phone.
  7. Place the lost dog flyers in stores, on telephone poles, at schools and other places it will be seen. Stores, such as the 7/11, are good spots to post the lost dog flyer.
  8. Knock on doors and ask neighbors to keep their eyes open for your dog. Show them a picture of your dog and give them a copy of the lost dog flyer.
  9. Have a friend or a club member call all animal shelters and the animal hospitals in the area to see if the dog was picked up or has been hurt. It is a good idea to visit the shelters since they may not recognize your dog or breed. You can pass out to the shelters and animal hospitals the flyer showing groomed & ungroomed schnauzers. (This flyer is designed to be printed on one page from your browser.) Or shelter & hospital personnel can view the on-line pictures of the groomed & ungroomed schnauzers. Call your shelter daily until your dog is found.
  10. Always leave the name of a club member or friend with your dog sitter so they can get help while you are away, if your dog is lost. Only leave your dog with someone he knows and trusts.
  11. Get information about the dog and reward on the radio and in the newspaper. Try to get a picture in the paper if at all possible.
  12. Call the National Dog Registry if your dog is tattooed and is registered with them. Their phone numbers are: 800-637-3647 and 914-340-0142. E-mail: ndr@mhv.net
  13. Call the AKC Companion Animal Recovery program if your dog is micro chipped and/or tattooed and is registered with them. Their phone numbers are: 800-252-7894. FAX: 919-233-1290. E-mail: found@akc.org
  14. Call the State Park Rangers and the State Game Warden if you live in a rural area.
  15. Call your local obedience club to see if they have a tracking dog. Show an item used by the lost dog to the tracking dog. These tracking dogs can be a great help in finding a lost pet, especially in a rural area.

PVSSC Lost Dog Contact

To contact the Lost Dog Committee that serves Maryland, Virginia and DC areas only, email lostdog@pvssc.org.

Links to various rescue programs and animal shelters can be found off the Links page under the heading of ORGANIZATIONS – RESCUE.

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