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2009 PVSSC Awards Winners:

SS of the Year: Ch Hartgersotten’s Mystic Fire n’ Ice (Carol Filer)

SS of the Year Opposite Sex: Ch. Centara Under Fire (Carol Filer)

PVSSC Stud Dog of the Year: Ch Centara Under Fire (Carol Filer)

PVSSC Junior Handler of the Year: Lydia Frey

PVSSC Brood Bitch of the Year(tie): Ch. Bardhill’s Beauty Baby (Pam Cooney), Ch Katahdin Sea Anemone (Rose & Kelsey Miller)

PVSSC Obedience Dog of the Year: Shana’s Quiet Spirit, UDX. RE, PT (Betsy Seiffert)

PVSSC Versatility Award: Shana’s Quiet Spirit, UDX. RE, PT (Betsy Seiffert)

Obedience Titles

Ch. Windsong Summer Caper CD (Frances Kingery)

Shana’s Quiet Spirit, UDX (Betsy Seiffert)

Rally-O Titles

Hidden Creek’s Lady Peppercorn CGC RN (Ila Howell & Lovey Lyons)

Ch. Truwick’s Surfer Girl Hidden Creek RN (Sue Anne Howell, Lovey Lyons & Barbara Plasse)

Ch. Shana’s Blonde Bombshell, RA (Betsy Seiffert & LeAnnShank)


Ch. Asgard Oliver Twist, HT and PT (Michelle & Woody Root)

Ch. Celtic Cross Riverdance, HT (Rosemary & Kelsey Miller)

New Champions

Ch. Argenta’s Zeck Zentara (Linda Dobbie)

Ch. Asgard Silver Patron (Georgia Sabean & Jean Gillen)

Ch. Bardhills All That Jazz (Pamela Cooney)

Ch. Bardhills Dymamite of Dean Oh (Pamela Cooney)

Ch. Bolero Centara Extra Edition (Linda Dobbie & Maryann Heffelfinger)

Ch. Centara Bella Belize (Cynthia Millard)

Ch. Centara Caper Capri (Charles L. Williams & Linda Dobbie)

Ch. Centara Double Dare (Linda Dobbie)

Ch. Celtic Cross Conchobhar (Jill Mitchell & Raymond Myers)

Ch. Celtic Cross Katahdin Coracle (Gail Mackiernan & Barry Cooper)

Ch. Celtic Cross Nemo Me Impugne Lacesset (Lisa & Tom Baker)

Ch. Celtic Cross Riverdance, HT (Rose & Kelsey Miller)

Ch. Cetah’s Keepin the Beat (Dana Chronister)

Ch. Halcyon’s Samuel Adams (Trentwell & Patricia White)

Ch. Quasar A La Mode (Michelle & Paul Root)

Ch. Shana’s Magic Marker (LeAnn Shank & Gayla Miller)

Ch. Shana’s Monster Mash (LeAnn & Louis Shank)

Ch. Truwick’s Surfer Girl Hidden Creek (Anne Howell, Lovey Lyons & Barbara Plasse)

Results of PVSSC B/OB Sanctioned Match on August 23, 2009

Conformation (24 competing + 15 in Parade of Titlists)
BEST PUPPY IN MATCH and BEST IN MATCH: Quarsar’s All for One
Puppy 3-6 Months
Dogs Bitches
1st: 1st Halcyon’s Tamerlane owned by Sweet & Pratt
2nd: Standing Devil of a Time owned by Mitchell & Myers
3rd: Shana’s Quick Step-n-Quinn owned by Seiffert & Shank
1st: Halcyon’s Utopia owned by White
2nd: Standing Time out of Mind owned by Mitchell & Myers
Puppy 6-9 months
Dogs Bitches
No Entries 1st: Hidden Creek Halley’s Comet owned by Howell & Lyons
Juniors 12-18 months
Dogs Bitches
1st: Quasar’s All for One owned by Chisolm
2nd: Shuhaus’ Talk of the Town owned by Shue
3rd: Von Der Sak’s Black Beau owned by Sakala
1st: Celtic Cross Kara of Sayermarc owned by Sayers
2nd: Quasar’s Arabella owned by Sanders
3rd: Natalia’s Ain’t She Sweet owned by Jones
4th: Bianca Mia Z Romoru owned by Mitchell & Myers
Dogs Bitches
1st: Celtic Cross Nemo Me Impune Lacesset owned by Baker
2nd: Pepper Von Der Sak Celmer owned by Celmer
1st: Celtic Cross Scarlett O’Hara owned by Jennings
2nd: Genstar’s Hot Pink Mama owned by Boxer
3rd: Katahdin Storm Petrel owned by Mackiernan
4th: Asgard Sophie Mutter owned by Pohl/Tomlinson
6-8 Years (FEO): 1st Valerie Shriner, 1st Charlotte Shriner
9-11 Years: 1st Lydia Frey, 2nd Eric Celmer
12-14 Years: 1st Jack SandersNote: FEO = For Exhibition Only.
Pre-Novice (7) non regular class1st: Asgard Omega Zezanna owned by Tomlinson/Pohl
2nd: Genstar’s Von Brown owned by Jennings
3rd: (tie) Ch. Katahdin Sea Wolf owned by Miller AND Ch Celtic Cross Leprechan Outlaw Sheridan Mahon owned by FullerNovice A:(1)

1st: Genstar’s Von Brown (Score 187) owned by Jennings

Novice B: (3)

1st: (FEO) Ch. Katahdin Victory at Sea CD (score 186 1/2) owned by Rutscheidt

Open A (1):

None qualified

Open B (1):

(FEO) Ch. Shana’s Quiet Spirit UDX, RE, PT (Score 194) owned by Seiffert

Utility (2):

None qualified

HIGHEST SCORE IN TRIAL (regular classes): Genstar’s Von Brown owned by Jennings

For pictures of the match, see 2009 Match Photos.


Results of Specialty at Old Dominion KC, Sunday, September 27

SWEEPSTAKES – Judge Alfred Ferruggiaro

BEST JUNIOR IN SWEEPSTAKES: Oakwood Spice Girl (Miller & McConnell)

BEST SENIOR IN SWEEPSTAKES: Quasar All for One (Chisholm)


BEST VETERAN IN SWEEPSTAKES: Ch. Centara Under Fire (Filer)

BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX: Ch. Asgard Fawr Prin

REGULAR CLASSES – Judge Ruth Zimmerman

WINNERS DOG, BEST OF WINNERS: Legacy Lord of the Vines (LePage & Drewes-Stoen)

RESERVE: Quasar All for One (Chisholm)

WINNERS BITCH: Genstar’s Hotpink Mama (Boxer)

RESERVE: Celtic Cross Kara of Sayermarc (Sayers)

BEST OF BREED & GROUP 3: Ch. Sketchbook Neon Lights (Hansen)

BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX: Ch. County Clare’s Jewel of Beauty (Thomas)

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