Potomac Valley Standard Schnauzer Club

The Standard Schnauzer is a robust, heavy-set dog, sturdily built, with a dense harsh no-shed coat. A medium-sized dog, he is knee high and 35 to 45 pounds. The Standard Schnauzer combines a spirited temperament with extreme reliability. Excellent with children and friends, he is still the guardian of his home and family.

The club was founded 50 years ago as the AKC-sanctioned local specialty club for the greater Washington DC area and follow the code of ethics linked to the first paragraph of our Breeders page. The PVSSC is one of the breed’s largest and most active specialty organizations. In the past 50 years members have finished over 1000 AKC Champions and many obedience and performance titlists.

Upcoming Events and Items of Interest

Now thru Midnight, Dec. 31

AKC Rally® Novice Virtual Pilot Program

The pilot program is designed to have a Rally Novice competitor set up a pre-designed AKC Rally® course in the safety of their own yard, record the performance and submit it to AKC. In turn, AKC will assign a pre-selected AKC Rally Judge to virtually review and score the team’s Rally performance. See the AKC website for more details.

PVSSC Specialty T-Shirts now Available

We made a few of our PVSSC Speciality t-shirts available at the show. You can now order them through Sue Anne Howell using this form:

October 9-11 Barn Hunt & Seminar

A Barn Hunt seminar will be held on Friday, October 9th. The seminar consists of 2-hour working sessions for $40/dog (club members). Our 10 AM topic will be indication issues, 12:30 PM will be new handlers or new dogs, and 3:00 PM will be handling skills for senior/master dogs. These will be taught by Elizabeth Staley. If you wish to have a seminar spot please email Michelle Bell (aussielvr@gmail.com) as soon as possible with your desired topic. First come first served with a limit of 4-5 teams per slot.

The PVSSC barn hunt will be held at the Isle of Calais Healthy Outdoors, 19393 Spring Lake Drive Smithfield, VA on October 10 and 11. The chairperson is Melissa Dimeler and Secretary is Michelle Bell. Our judges will be Elizabeth Staley on Saturday and Heidi Connolly on Sunday. For information about how to register and rules for the IOC, see:

Please go to the COVID requirements link in the premium (http://www.barnhunt.com/covid-19.html). These arequirements are not spelled out because they are subject to change,. The BHA has requirements for participating in a trial during this time of COVID and these will be strictly adhered to. Anyone not following the requirements will be asked to leave the property and forfeit all entries. For example, at this time, cloth face coverings must be worn at all times outside of your vehicle, no face shields or masks with vents/gaskets are permitted for competitors.

Entries open September 1, but PVSSC club members who wish to enter should email Michelle Bell (aussielvr@gmail.com) ASAP to let her know how many dogs you are entering in which classes. This year we are reducing the classes offered to just one Crazy 8 run because the number of runs we can have in total are reduced due to the COVID changes.

Volunteers Needed. Anyone who is willing and able to volunteer please reach out to Melissa DImeler (megdime@hotmail.com). We have several local experienced competitors who have already stated they are willing to help since we are not certain how many club members will wish to travel.

Oct. 31-Nov. 1 Fast Cat Event

A Fast Cat even will be held in Walkersville, MD on October 31st and November 1st. The chairperson is Melissa Dimeler and the secretary is Ching Yao-Yu. More info TBD.

B/OB Sanctioned Match

The PVSSC B/OB Sanctioned Match has been postponed until later this year per Match Chair Ila Schmeling. Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

Next Meeting or Event

Next Meeting or Event 

Message from Lovey Lyons, PVSSC President:

I hope everyone is doing okay during the strange times we are experiencing.  As you are aware, we have had to cancel many events that were scheduled in April, May, and June. As states begin to reopen and events begin to be rescheduled, we will continue to monitor the orders of both Gov. Hogan of Maryland and Gov. Northram of Virginia concerning large gatherings. We are currently planning to host our annual Match in August. Please continue to watch for updates on the website, in the Wiretap, and by email.


December Meeting

Our last meeting in December will be a virtual meeting due to COVOID-19 uncertainties. Date TBD. Meanwhile, please think of something fun to do during the meeting. Everyone that participates in the meeting will get credit for attending a meeting.

Click Next Meeting or see WireTap for more details and directions to the meeting.



Check the PVSSC list of approved breeders to see available puppies and upcoming litters.

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: The Potomac Valley Standard Schnauzer Club would like to thank the Standard Schnauzer Club of America for much of the text concerning the breed and history. It would also like to recognize one of its members, Gail Mackiernan, for the beautiful pen and ink drawings.

Please e-mail comments, suggestions or corrections for these web pages to the Website Manager at webmanager@pvssc.org. Make sure the e-mail has the subject header: ‘PVSSC website.’

Updated on Thursday, August 13th 2020