Potomac Valley Standard Schnauzer Club

The Standard Schnauzer is a robust, heavy-set dog, sturdily built, with a dense harsh no-shed coat. A medium-sized dog, he is knee high and 35 to 45 pounds. The Standard Schnauzer combines a spirited temperament with extreme reliability. Excellent with children and friends, he is still the guardian of his home and family.

The club was founded 50 years ago as the AKC-sanctioned local specialty club for the greater Washington DC area and follow the code of ethics linked to the first paragraph of our Breeders page. The PVSSC is one of the breed’s largest and most active specialty organizations. In the past 50 years members have finished over 1000 AKC Champions and many obedience and performance titlists.

Upcoming Events


Saturday & Sunday, November 5-6

The PVSSC Fast CAT will be held at the Walkersville Fire Department, Walkersville, MD, with two trials each day. There is a total of 4 days of events, Thursday-Sunday, November 3-6, with the first two days held by the Dog Owners’ Training Club of Maryland.

For more info on Fast CAT, go to: https://www.akc.org/sports/coursing/fast-cat/.

Premium OPEN AT 8 pm on Monday, September 26 on https://www.sugarloafmountainracing.com.

Runs start at 9:00 AM – See details below. (Note DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME ENDS at 2:00AM ON SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 2022!)

From Trial Secretary Ching‐Yao Yu:

Entries will be limited to 90 dogs per event, two events daily running concurrently starting at 9:00AM. Run your dog twice within one hour with a break between runs if entered twice, pick up your ribbons, and your dog is done for the day. Run order will be based on the order of entries received. If you wish to run earlier when it’s cooler, enter early! Those entering later or close to the closing date will NOT get preferential treatment to run early.

Club worker dogs run at 9:00AM, followed by all remaining dogs. Plan accordingly, once again do not ask for early run times when you enter late because you’re not going to get it. Show hours are clearly stated in the premium, so don’t plan on doing something else during these show hours and complain later when you double-book yourself for another event.

Volunteers are needed to help run the trial and will be given a free lunch. Contact Melissa Dimeler, Trial Chair, for more information.

Updated on Monday, May 2nd 2022