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Potomac Valley Standard Schnauzer Club

Saturday, November 18th

Lure Course Fun Day!

Liberty Hill Pet Resort, 10401 Green Road, Bealton, VA 22712

Coursing official: Ching-Yao Yu

What is lure coursing? Many breeds of dogs have an overpowering instinct to chase. Lure Coursing presents an opportunity for them to chase a lure just for their own pleasure! The course is designed by placing small pulleys around a field in a pattern meant to resemble the route prey might take when pursued. A plastic bag (the lure) is attached to a string and is pulled around the course by a wheel attached to a motor. The Coursing Official controls the lure’s speed to keep the dog’s interest. Pure speed is not the most important criteria: keenness, agility, endurance, overall ability, and intelligence are actually more important. Occasionally a dog may not be interested, but that is not the case in the vast majority of dogs, all breeds, sizes, and a wide range of ages.

Runs are divided by age. Prizes will be given.

Note: Field is completely fenced!

Bring for your family and dogs: chairs, crates or ex-pens, dish and water for dog. Pop-up tens and ground mats are helpful to protect against sun and damp ground under crates. Wear rugged clothes–you’re in a farm field.

Fee: $20 for 3 runs (2 fun runs, 1 competition run). No bitches in season. Other than this, all PVSSC members’ dogs of any breed may participate.

Time: Registration starts at 9 AM. Runs start promptly at 10 AM.

PVSSC will host a potluck lunch after runs (approximately 1 PM) as well as a raffle of doggy items. (There will be a brief PVSSC meeting at lunch.)

Help Needed:

Parking, registration and clean-up/ground patrol: Email or call Pat White at or 540-788-9889 if you can help. We need 2 people to help with parking, 3 people for registration, and 2 for cleanup and ground patrol.

Lunch set-up: Email or call Melissa Jennings ( or 703-497-2985).

Please bring a contribution to the picnic such as: potato salad, cole slaw, macaroni salad, chips and salsa, regular potato chips and dip, vegetable tray with dip, cookies, pie, fruit salad, cheese and meat tray, sliced onion, cheese slices, shredded cheese, sliced tomatoes (to put on the hot dogs). (PVSSC will supply drinks, paper goods, main meat dish and condiments). We also need 2 or 3 good-sized ice chests with ice to chill water and sodas. Please let Melissa Jennings know which item you will be bringing so she can coordinate – we don’t want 20 salads for example.

DONATIONS FOR RAFFLE: This is a big fundraiser for the club, so come ready to join in–bring a contribution and bring money!

Important notes on weather: If there has been recent wet weather, your dog may get muddy–bring towels for paws and waterproof shoes for yourself. Mud will not stop runs.

Lure-coursing will be cancelled only if there is heavy rain on November 16th or 17th due to the risk to dogs. Runs will go on if there are only light showers. An email will be sent to members if the event is cancelled. If you are unsure whether to bring your dogs, call Pat White (540-788-9889) before leaving for the site.


Parking will be around the barn area up the gravel road beyond the coursing field.

From North: From Interstate 66, exit 43A, take US-15 S/US-29 South. Towards Fredericksburg. Take exit to US-17 South at Opal and go 1.2 miles.Turn Left onto Old Marsh Rd, continue straight on Old Marsh Rd for 0.8 of a mile. Turn Left onto Green Rd. (Liberty United Methodist Church will be on the left just before the turn).Go 0.3 of a mile on the dirt road and we will be the first drive on the right.

From South: Take US-17N to the intersection of US-28. Stay on US-17 for 0.7 miles and then turn right on Old Marsh Rd. Go 0.6 miles and then turn right on Green Rd. Go 0.3 miles on the dirt road and we will be the first drive on the right.

For a detailed printout of directions from your home, log onto the Internet and go to or


INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY: If a snow emergency or other severe weather alert is called, the meeting will be cancelled! An email and web site alert will be sent if there is time. If unsure of meeting status, call meeting hosts or board member before leaving.

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