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January PVSSC Meeting

The first PVSSC meeting of the New Year was a bit of a change. It was held in the afternoon, something that had been requested by members because of winter weather. We had to move the date to a Sunday because of anticipated local travel gridlock around the Inauguration on Friday and Women’s March on Saturday. Nevertheless we had a good turnout to hear Jill Mitchell’s talk on Getting Started in K9 Nosework. Our great hosts were Kathy McEnearney and Gary Rees. We also honored member Candace Craig for her tireless work on behalf of the club, especially for last year’s Barn Hunt Trial and her many photographic records of our PVSSC events.


February PVSSC Meeting

The February General Meeting highlighted a fascinating and “eye-opening” presentation on animal nutrition by Dr. Michael Watts. Important points made include: “Ingredients in a food are not the same as nutrients”, that many so-called premium foods actually contain ingredients of little or no use to dogs, and that he strongly prefers food companies that manufacture in USA and that conduct double-blind feeding trials to test their product. Mire information can be found on Dr. Watts’ website at

March PVSSC Meeting

The March PVSSC meeting had a theme – “Hey – My Dog Can Do THAT!” – and was a very entertaining exploration of some of the AKC tests and activities, including the very new Trick Dog title. Rose Miller showed slides and video of dogs (admittedly, they were not schnauzers..) completing these tests and also, how to train for some of the simpler tricks. Rose’s presentation is on the PVSSC web site so any that missed the meeting can get ready for the June Picnic.

Annual Awards Dinner

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Photos courtesy Marianna Herpel.

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