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Performance Dog for Partner in Performance Sports (https://www.akc.org/sports/beginners-guide-performance-sports/)

I am looking to place 1.5-year-old “Ollie” with someone who will work with him in Barn Hunt and Nose Work/Scent Work. Ollie has an incredible nose and is already at the Master level in Barn Hunting in fewer than 10 trials! Ollie and I have been training in scent detection work for 7 months. He has his ORT in Nose Work in both birch and anise. We have trained in container, interior, exterior and buried environments. He was entered in trials this month and next but these were canceled. Ollie is a Champion -CH Halcyon’s U.S. Blues RATS. Ollie has had some experience with FCAT and CAT fun trials, and is very fast.

If you would be interested in exploring whether Ollie is the perfect partner for you, email me at halcyonss@comcast.net. Please do not contact me if you are not interested in dog performance sports.

For over 25 years, Halcyon puppies have been home raised with emphasis on socialization and positive reinforcement, with attention to the critical stages of puppy development. We place special focus on the standard schnauzer as a life-long family companion. Halcyon standard schnauzers are “people puppies.” Halcyon has produced three International Champions and multiple American Champions under a very selective breeding program. Whether working, show quality or family pet, Halcyon dogs are bred for excellent health and structural soundness.

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