Potomac Valley Standard Schnauzer Club

The Standard Schnauzer is a robust, heavy-set dog, sturdily built, with a dense harsh no-shed coat. A medium-sized dog, he is knee high and 35 to 45 pounds. The Standard Schnauzer combines a spirited temperament with extreme reliability. Excellent with children and friends, he is still the guardian of his home and family.

The club was founded 50 years ago as the AKC-sanctioned local specialty club for the greater Washington DC area and follow the code of ethics linked to the first paragraph of our Breeders page. The PVSSC is one of the breed’s largest and most active specialty organizations. In the past 50 years members have finished over 1000 AKC Champions and many obedience and performance titlists.

Upcoming Events

PVSSC Fundraiser: Patriotic t-shirts

The PVSSC is raising money for future events by selling patriotic Standard Schnauzer t-shirts. See t-shirt fund raiser for more information.

“Battle of the Beards” Barnhunt T-Shirt

PVSSC is offering a reprint of the Schnauzer Games Barn Hunt edition t-shirt in celebration of our 2019 Barn Hunt “The Battle of the Beards.” Please use the following form to order one:

Saturday, September 21

PVSSC Agility Workshop

The Agility Workshop will be held for three hours at Holly Hammerle’s Agility Building close to Vint Hill, Virginia. The workshop will begin at 10:00 am and will be taught by Averill Ring and Holly Hammerle who each have over 30 years of Agility experience and training.

This Agility Workshop is great for beginners and those interested in the sport. It will be a presentation/demo and participation with dogs doing some non-equipment skills, some play on exercise equipment as well as planks, etc., and then a bit with jumps, tunnels and a low A-Frame. Participants are advised to bring lots of dog treats for encouragement and rewards.

Cost is $25.00 for each dog. 

The trainers advise having 10 dogs max. If you would like to attend this workshop, please contact Michelle Root at quasardogs@gmail.com as soon as possible.

Saturday-Sunday, October 12-13

PVSSC Barn Hunt Trials


The trials are now full–mostly with Standard Schnauzers, a real Battle of the Beards. Please come and watch as this will be fun!

For barn hunt participants, if you are potentially going to earn a master, RATCH, RATCHX, or crazy 8 title please contact Secretary Michelle Bell.

Secretary Bell will comp a run for any PVSSC members who will commit to working the entire trials on Saturday and Sunday.

Also, Lauren Keltos will do CGC and Trick Dog testing, restricted to 8 runs per day. Email her at sskobold@msn.com to reserve.

Lisa Klepp will do photography. So make reservations with her for new title shots, etc., at Lklepp@me.com.

For more information including HOTELS, see PVSSC Barn Hunt Premium Oct 2019-Ver2 and Barn Hunt Trial October 2019.

Saturday-Sunday, November 2-3

PVSSC Fast CAT Trial (All-Breed), Gamber Carnival Grounds, 3838 Niner Road, Finksburg, MD. Two trials per day, 80 runs per trial.

What is Fast CAT? Fast CAT is a timed straight 100-yard dash for dogs. Dogs are held at the start line and the coursing lure is activated. The dog chases it to the finish line and into a catch pen. The course is completely fenced and dogs are run individually. Dogs are timed electronically and the time is converted to Miles Per Hour (MPH). Points are based on the converted speed Dogs must be at least 12 months of age and due to the physical demands, in good health.

Trial Secretary: Ching-Yao Yu, P.O. Box 305, Damascus, MD 20872 240-668-4080. Email: ching@cyu.com.

Entry fees per run: $20.00 per entry per dog per test; $10.00 per entry discount for junior handlers. Lunch available both days.

Volunteers are needed!

We are reserving 20 runs for schnauzers, so if you think you would like to attend let Michelle Bell know at aussielvr@gmail.com or 757-871-7082.

PVSSC will offer the following special awards for Standard Schnauzers:

  • Saturday AM ‐ Fastest Standard Schnauzer with first Qualifying Run (i.e. first timers!)
  • Saturday PM – Fastest Male Standard Schnauzer
  • Sunday AM – Oldest Standard Schnauzer with Qualifying Run (i.e. old timers!)
  • Sunday PM – Fastest Female Standard Schnauzer
  • Each Trial – “Turtle Award” for slowest time

For more information, see:

Sunday, November 3rd

PVSSC Supported Entry for Old Dominion Kennel Club during the Hunt Country Cluster at the new show site indoors at The Meadow Event Park
13191 Dawn Blvd., Doswell, VA 23047. The judge for Standard Schnauzers is Nikki Riggsbee.

Hunt Country Cluster runs Oct. 30-November 3–5 shows. For more information, see the premium.

Next Meeting or Event

Next Meeting or Event

Saturday, November 2nd

The next meeting will be held at the PVSSC Fast CAT Trial (All-Breed), Gamber Carnival Grounds, 3838 Niner Road, Finksburg, MD.

Click Next Meeting or see WireTap for more details and directions to the meeting.



Check the PVSSC list of approved breeders to see available puppies and upcoming litters.

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: The Potomac Valley Standard Schnauzer Club would like to thank the Standard Schnauzer Club of America for much of the text concerning the breed and history. It would also like to recognize one of its members, Gail Mackiernan, for the beautiful pen and ink drawings.

Please e-mail comments, suggestions or corrections for these web pages to the Website Manager at webmanager@pvssc.org. Make sure the e-mail has the subject header: ‘PVSSC website.’

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